Recursive Error: Bill-To Customer

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV >>> Customer Card, a user enters the value of Bill-To Customer No. on the invoicing tab as the Value of Customer No. on the General Tab, the following error is triggered when user to use the customer:

Error message : “You must not specify Bill-to Customer No. in Customer customer no. = [nn]

Solution is to Clear the Bill-to Customer No., this is because Bill-to customer No. can only be defined where it is different from the customer No. in question.

SQL Attachments – Access to object tracking table denied

The Classic client allows attaching a SQL Server database from an .mdf file. When a database is attached this way, permissions to the object tracking table are not set correctly. The user under which the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server service is executed needs permissions to this table. The service stops responding when you try to start the RoleTailored client, and the event log reports that access to the object tracking table was denied.

Resolution – Workaround

  1. Stop the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server service.
  2. Stop the SQL Server service.
  3. Open a command prompt.
  4. At the command prompt, type the following command:
    Sqlcmd -d “Demo Database NAV (6-0)” -q “GRANT SELECT ON [dbo].[Object Tracking] TO [NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE]”
  5. Start the SQL Server service.
  6. Start the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server service.

Copy Text From Error Messages in NAV

An alternative to taking screenshot of an error message generated by Dynamics NAV is to copy the text.  This can be achieved by using keyboard shortcut CTRL + C (Copy)  on the Error. This is ideal for copying and pasting error messages when raising a support query where screenshot capture is not possible.


Select the error, CTRL = C , Paste (CTRL + V )


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