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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Upgrades and the RTC Reporting Nightmare - Erik P. Ernst about Navision and the Dynamics Community - Dynamics User Group

Typically I’m not the one who is writing too much about “technical issues” in my blog. But that doesn’t mean that I’m never dealing with “technical issues” – in fact programming and other technical issues is what I’m doing more than 50% of daily working time. And while this blog post is more “technical” than […]

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How to apply the 6.0 Hotfix to the existing Demo Install

Usage Scenarios 4.1 You have downloaded the RTM image of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 and want to update it with the Hotfix. Download the HF package from PartnerSource. Copy the updated database files into the existing database folders and overwrite the existing databases: Demo Database NAV (6-0)_Data.MDF, database.fdb, and database.fbk. Overwrite the existing form transformation tool […]

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List-page to Card-page relationship

To successfully create a logical relationship between a List page and Card page in RTC, perform the following steps: In Dynamics NAV classic client, go Tools || Object Designer || Page. Select the List page required || Click Design || Go to first blank line preceding the Field Controls Select the page properties (Shift+F4) || […]

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SQL Attachments - Access to object tracking table denied

The Classic client allows attaching a SQL Server database from an .mdf file. When a database is attached this way, permissions to the object tracking table are not set correctly. The user under which the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server service is executed needs permissions to this table. The service stops responding when you try to […]

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